Who is There Goes Laura? Bonjour, je m’appelle Laura! I am a 30-year-old girl (woman, yikes?) in love with the world. From the people, the architecture, the landscapes, the animals, the history, the cultures, the food, and everything in between, this world is a pretty incredible place.

Because of my love for the world, I have developed a love for travel. Actually, I am addicted to travel. I am either traveling, reading about travel, writing about travel, planning a trip, planning someone else’s trip, watching travel vlogs, daydreaming about travel, or being distressed because I am not traveling. I also love writing, history and architecture. And the most important thing of all, I love God. This world He created is a beautiful place, and I want to showcase that while sharing His love and telling of His grace.

You will see “Every day is an Adventure” on most everything of mine. It’s kind of my self-proclaimed catchphrase. Does that mean I travel full-time? No. Does that mean I see a new city every day? No. My job requires a lot of hours in the office, and I’m okay with that. I also run a ministry at my church. “So, if you don’t travel full-time, how can everyday be an adventure?” Because life is what you make it! I go out of the country at least once a year. I also take several long weekend trips all year-long. Plus seeing what my own city and state have to offer. Even a walk around the block on lunch can turn into an adventure, if you just keep an open mind!

So, stick around, follow my socials, and join in on the adventure with me! Because this world is a pretty incredible place, and I am determined to see and share it all, one trip at a time! XO