Faith and Travel

“Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.” Job 37:14

It was almost like He had that verse pinned for me.

It has been over two years now that traveling has consumed my life. Over two years since I stepped off the plane in London and fell in love with the world. Since then I have seen more beauty than I can describe. I will never be satisfied until I see the whole world. And because of that, I work to save and save to travel. My blog, this blog, went live last July.  And I have really enjoyed this journey. I am working on growing this blog and seeing just how far this can take me. But last week, that changed. Last week, I felt lost. Something you may not know about me, is that my relationship with God will always be my #1 priority and I TRY to put God first in every aspect of my life. But I also fail miserably at times. Last week, He really convicted me of that.

“Laura, stand still. Look around. Look at all My wondrous works that I have allowed you to see. Why do you think that I’ve allowed that? Why do you think you have this opportunity? It is not for you to blog and not even mention me. You have this wonderful opportunity, do not blow it.”

Ouch. He was right.

So, I spent a week in prayer. I did not write. I did not photograph. And I was barely active on social media. I let Him guide me and allowed Him as much time as He needed, and I received my answer. And you know what, I have never felt more excited about this blog. There are changes coming. Not big ones, but big enough to make a difference in my life, and maybe even others. My writing style is not going to change, but I will incorporate my relationship with God into my writing more. Because He has given me this wanderlust for a reason and allowed me to see parts of the world that I only imagined. He absolutely deserves the glory in everything I do, including this blog. With that being said, There Goes Laura is now going to be a “Faith Based Travel Blog”.

What does that mean? Well, a Bible verse here and there. Places to worship when you travel. How I worship when I travel. How to travel considerately as a Christian. And so much more. So, stick around! I am excited to see where this path takes me (and us!) You can subscribe to the right for fun emails when a new post goes live. Or as always, follow me on social media to keep up with the happenings of There Goes Laura, and see when a new post is live! XOXO




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