Why London Should Be Your First Solo Trip!

I almost feel like this needs no explanation. But I have to remember that not everyone loves big cities, being alone, history, architecture and all things British quite like I do. So if you aren’t too sure about a solo trip to London, let me try to sell you on it.

Oh. My. Gosh. The. Buildings. And the shopping. And the parks. And the people. And the public transport system. And the museums. And the River Thames. Aside from your typical touristy things, which I will talk about, London is absolutely gorgeous. Old, new, and in between, you will find something interesting around every corner. I literally spent hours each day just wandering around and taking it all in. I can’t even explain it.

Let’s start with an important one. London is safe. I know it’s a big city. I know you should take precautions. But in comparison to a lot of other cities, this is a fairly safe place with nothing terrible to worry about. Just don’t do anything you shouldn’t or wouldn’t do at home, and you should be fine. Sure, there are criminals and scam artist, but where isn’t there? I should mention again that I am from Atlanta, so enough said about crime. Just be smart and use your gut, and you’ll have the time of your life. **Update** I wrote this post before the chain of terrible terrorist attacks on the city. I debated on taking this part out, but I am a true believer in living your life and not letting fear win. Dangerous things can happen anywhere, and I would never not visit this beautiful city because of the terrible events in the most recent past.

Also— London is large, and busy, and actually pretty friendly. I love doing things alone, but I know not everyone does. Well the best part of London is you can be alone and not talk to anyone, or you can meet a dozen people at a bus stop and make some of the best friends of your life. How you handle your trip is completely up to you. Whether you don’t speak to a single other person or you get out and meet people, one thing is for sure, you will find yourself. Even if you don’t think you need to, there are things you will learn about yourself on every single solo trip. And London is definitely a city to find yourself in.

Let’s get touristy for a minute, because I have to. I know typical touristy things get such a bad rap sometimes. I’m guilty of the “ten things to do that aren’t tourist attractions!” trips. But for London, the tourist attractions are worth it. Whether you are solo, a couple, or a family of 6—make sure you see all of the touristy places that you want too. You will not be disappointed. And the best part is, you won’t be the only solo traveler there. You can enjoy it alone, meet people, and make awesome memories. Plus, my photos of Tower Bridge are my all-time favorite (worst quality ever, but the best memories), so go and take all of the pictures! You’ll love looking back and feeling like a boss because you did it all on your own!

I know this post wasn’t informative as far as WHAT to do in London, but if you want to know my exact itinerary recommendations, stay tuned! This was to convince you to get up and go to London by your lonesome. A post will be up soon with an outlined itinerary or two for when you are there (or what exactly I did). So make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to know when a new post is up! XOXO


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